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Are you the 1 in 5? Do you have legally named Guardians for your children?

By 24th October 2016Wills

Which? Report that only one in five parents have legally named guardians for their minor children. *

When we consider how much time and effort we put in to working hard to look after our children, helping them at school, ensuring they have a nice, safe and secure home, planning for their futures, it seems strange that so few people take time to ensure that someone they know and trust is appointed  to care for their children in the event of premature parental death.  A properly prepared Will is the only way to ensure that Guardians are effectively appointed for children who are under the age of 18 if they were to be left without a surviving parent. We say it seems strange, but of course it’s not really. Like many things in life, particularly when we are busy (as everyone seems to be these days!) it isn’t the case that the intention to prepare a Will isn’t there; it’s more likely that we just haven’t got around to doing so in the midst of the juggle of family life!

Rebecca at Illuminate Legal understands. She is a parent to young children herself and knows that it can be hard at times fitting everything in! At the same time as ensuring that appropriate Guardians are appointed for children, a Will also enables you to appoint someone (a ‘Trustee’) to look after any money left for your children in the event of your death. It is a safeguard for many, a necessity for the few who know they have an illness that will take them away from their children while they are still youngsters. Like so many things in the field of Wills and Probate, it is another matter we simply don’t want to think about. We hope that we won’t be so unlucky. We understand. But we also understand that it is good to plan for the ‘just in case’, to have the security to know that if the unforeseen should happen that everything is set out and planned just as we would hope. Contact Rebecca at Illuminate Legal if you want to have a chat about preparing a Will to protect your family. She will visit you in your own home to offer you a personal specialist service. Evening appointments are available if required.

Rebecca Reid, Illuminate Legal, Odiham, Hampshire

Phone: 07508 082415 or email


* October 2016


Rebecca Reid

Author Rebecca Reid

She is an experienced and well-regarded private client specialist solicitor providing high quality legal advice in the field of Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Probate and Elderly Client issues.

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