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How can a solicitor help in the event of death?

By 6th October 2016Probate

When someone dies it is often a very difficult and emotional time. There seems to be so much to do and yet there is also a gaping hole, which no amount of ‘busying’ oneself can fill.

If the deceased left some money or assets, family hope that matters have been left ‘in order’. Culturally, the discussion of money is a tricky one and sometimes issues such as whether there is a Will or what bank accounts or other assets there are have never been discussed within the family during the lifetime of the now departed. This can result in a fair bit of detective work for the family, which can be especially trying for a recently bereaved spouse or child.

We know how important preparing a Will is. In addition to Will preparation, the legal work further to the death of a loved one forms a vast part of the caseload of a private client solicitor. Sometimes the solicitor themselves has been appointed as an executor of the estate; this is the person who is responsible for the administration of the estate. On other occasions, the executors themselves have sought professional advice from a solicitor and either asked the solicitor to deal with the estate on the executors’ behalf or  have ‘outsourced’ some of the more complex parts of the work to the solicitor, after having had an initial consultation and understanding the requirements of an estate. When there is no Will, a solicitor is often employed to establish the legal position, contact family members, deal with the estate and distribute the assets in accordance with the statutory provision.

We understand that when someone dies, no amount of sorting out and dealing with the paperwork can resolve the pain for our clients. We know that the work can be exhausting and distressing for an inexperienced executor. We also understand that clients can be concerned about legal costs. We know that sometimes you just want a guide to assist you along the way. On some occasions clients want a solicitor to deal with the whole estate, taking away the worry and ensuring that a specialist is dealing with any complexities that may arise when it comes to any tax issues or other probate matters. At Illuminate Legal based in Odiham, Hampshire, Rebecca is able to act as an experienced advisor to help with the estate of a deceased loved one. She will show you the options available and will always be transparent and clear about your legal fees.

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