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What about me? Do I really need a Will?

By 6th September 2016Wills

Making a Will is something that very few of us want to think about. To consider what may happen in the event of death is too difficult for most of us to imagine and so we just get on with living, with the odd thought that we should get things in order one day. In England, making a Will is the only way to ensure that those of our choosing will inherit our assets and/or be appointed to look after our children, in the event of death.

There are many reasons to consider preparing a Will. Parents with young children can appoint guardians to care for their children if the unthinkable should happen. Ensuring that the right person is there to manage any money or property left to those children is also vital for peace of mind. Those with older children may need to update any existing Wills, in light of changing circumstances and indeed potentially including new family members for the first time! Relationship breakdown or recent inheritance can trigger the need to review any existing arrangements or may be the final push to get around to preparing a Will for the first time. Retirement is also often a time to look at future plans. It all requires thought and careful consideration. Rebecca at Illuminate Legal enjoys helping clients consider all their options and explaining potential solutions.

We understand that it is difficult to think about. We understand that it makes us feel uncomfortable. We understand that it is another thing to add to the ‘to do’ list. Rebecca at Illuminate Legal understands. She has seen it all before and would be delighted to help you with a Will that will work for now and, hopefully, for many years to come!

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Rebecca Reid

Author Rebecca Reid

She is an experienced and well-regarded private client specialist solicitor providing high quality legal advice in the field of Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Probate and Elderly Client issues.

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